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52 Weeks – You Said Yes!

This is going to be amazing!

Planner – Budget – Wedding Party

A little birdie told us you set a wedding date. Well done! It’ll certainly be a day unlike any other. But don’t worry – we’ve got you. We’ve mapped out your journey with a fun countdown to success. We’ll be sending you a weekly hello, to check in on your progress and keep you on track. Don’t worry if you fall behind or find yourself ahead of schedule. Please let us know if you have questions anywhere along your planning process, that’s why we’re here! Now that you and your future spouse agree on when you’ll be tying the knot, the next decision is an important one and will impact how much elbow grease you need to put into planning this dream day.

Step One: Determine whether you want a Wedding Planner. This person will be there to guide you on your road to matrimony, keep you within your budget, help manage your time, and pay attention to other fine details. They’re usually the first on the list of wedding pros to hire. Since they know the ins and outs of the wedding world, now is a great time to meet with a few and rely on their wisdom! Modern weddings can be planned via numerous avenues, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your big day!

Take some time to decide what you want to get out of your planning process. You know your fiancé better than anyone else. You know where your strengths lie, and you know what’s important to both of you. Check out our blog to hear from wedding planners, or peek inside the magazine to see what all they offer.

Going the route of a professional planner isn’t for everyone. We understand! Some couples choose to navigate this journey themselves. Or you may want to consider hiring a Day of Coordinator, but we’ll get to that later! The important thing is that you feel confident in how you go about planning your wedding, so whatever you decide is most definitely the right decision, just like deciding to marry your best friend! Excuse us while we swoon over how adorable you two are.

Setting a Budget: Did your stomach just do a flip when you read that? We feel you. It’s probably not the most fun thing on your to-do list. It can seem daunting at first but building your budget with your fiancé and your families is incredibly important. It not only ensures that you have a clear financial framework within which to build your ideal day, it also allows you to determine your most important items and start there. For example, maybe having an amazing videographer is more important than having a cocktail hour, or maybe you want to spend more on your wedding attire … whatever is most important to you should be at the forefront of your budget. We can’t help you set the budget or decide how much to spend, but we can give you the right tools to make doing so easier. Which brings us back to hiring a Wedding Planner! They have experience with weddings of all financial calibers, assisting you in setting those pesky financial parameters, making this task on the to-do list far less intimidating.

51 Weeks – Only 51 Weeks Ahead

You are officially off the market!

Venue – Guest Count (Approx.)

The date is set, the budget is out of the way (whew), and the in-laws are getting along great, right? OK, maybe that was wishful thinking on that last point! A wedding is all about two people (and their families) coming together as one. Now that you’ve successfully checked off the ‘who’ and the ‘when’ parts of this special occasion, it’s high time you and your fiancé take a look at the ‘where.’ After all, you can’t have a wedding to remember if you don’t pick a venue first.

Finding a venue is next on your to-do list. It’s a very important step in planning for your dream ceremony and reception. Venues can range from intimate and small, to bold and big. From rustic barns to ornate churches, there’s no shortage of stunning spaces for weddings here in the Southwest. Whether you’re drawn to the urban appeal of Albuquerque or the quiet serenity of a nearby village, picking the place to make your vows is crucial in setting up a plan for the entire aesthetic and vibe of your big day. The good news is The Wedding Guide and Expos has access to the best venues around New Mexico and we can’t wait to provide you with the tools you need to lock down the perfect place for your nuptials. Browse our website ( and check out Find Wedding Pros to narrow down your search or come to our next Wedding Expo. Setting the scene of your wedding is important. and trust us when we say that touring venues is fun! Exhibiting venues are known to host tours after our Wedding Expos; take advantage of getting on the invitation list early.

You’ll want to discuss how many guests you want at the wedding and reception before you contact potential venues. An exact count’s not necessary but have a rough number in mind. Does the venue charge by the hour or the entire weekend? Some may already have tables and chairs; others don’t. Just make sure to ask enough questions to compare apples to apples as you sit down to choose your dream venue.

Select your wedding party: The next thing we here at the Wedding Guide recommend you do at this stage of the planning process is decide together who’s going to be standing next to you on the most important day of your life. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it’s officially time to choose your wedding party.

Trust us when we say, we know how big of a decision this can be for some of our brides and grooms. Choosing the right blend of family and friends to be a part of your special day can be challenging. It’s important to make sure you both include the people you feel best represent and support you as a couple. You want to select the people who will encourage you throughout this exciting, albeit stressful journey, and choose the ones who will make your job as bride and/or groom easier in the long run. Your partner has already popped the big question, but now it’s time for you to take a turn at proposing. We can’t wait to see who you ask to stand beside you! We’re just so excited to be a part of this process with you.

50 Weeks – 50 Weeks of wedding planning bliss!

This is how your story begins.


We know that the likelihood of you feeling overwhelmed at some point is strong, but we hope that by utilizing this timeline for planning your big day, some of the stress that accompanies the planning process will melt away! We have been in this industry for decades. We’ve seen our fair share of fairytale weddings and we have no doubt that yours will be just as dreamy as some of our past favorites. Keep trucking along on your journey. The payoff is priceless! We bring a little good news here: it’s time for some culinary tastings!

Choosing a caterer: Choosing the right caterer for your event can be a crucial decision. Food is a very important part of celebration in all cultures. Holidays, parties, ceremonies, you name it – there’s likely to be some kind of feast involved. Of course, you want the food to be delicious, but you also want the service and execution to be just as memorable.

Head over to our website to scroll through available caterers and contact them to set up a tasting. They can answer questions and help you create a meal that matches your wedding style! Before you meet with your potential caterers, it’s a good idea to talk about how formal your meal will be. Is it indoors or outdoors? Do you envision it being full service? Is this a representation of your culture or lifestyle? Do you want to end with something fun like a food truck or some late-night sliders? The sky’s the limit, well and your budget, but don’t be afraid to make it memorable.

Our stomachs are growling, it’s making us hungry just thinking about it. Go out for dinner with your betrothed or stay in for some popcorn and a movie night. Whatever appeals to you, just take some quality time for yourselves. We promise we’ll be here to help you when you return. Until then, bon appétit!

*TIP – Think about the guest list and if you will need to accommodate any dietary restrictions or children’s palate requests.

49 Weeks – This might be the best week ever

You will feel like a princess!


You are absolutely crushing it! You’re marking things off the to-do list faster than we can say “I do.” You’re already on the perfect path to staying organized and on top of things throughout this journey. Don’t forget to breathe! Make time for a quiet, romantic evening with your future husband or wife. Engagements are a time to hone your relationship, so as you explore the industry, don’t forget to explore your romance along the way, too. You take care of keeping that spark alive and we’ll help you handle the rest.

The Dress: This next checkpoint on your matrimonial map might be one of the most exciting for brides everywhere. Call up your bridesmaids and grab a box of tissues for the criers in the bunch, because it’s time to start shopping for a wedding dress!

Prepare to get lost in a sea of white lace, ivory chiffon and all the glittery details you can dream of. Shopping for a wedding dress is not only a time to shower the bride with love, attention and to make her feel like the queen that she is, but it’s a time for the bridal party to bond and enjoy some time away from her fiancé and their friends.

Wedding dress shopping can be stressful for some brides, but we encourage you to make the process your own! Just like wedding gowns themselves, the process of shopping for one is not one size fits all. Whether you want an elaborate affair with glasses of champagne and endless gowns to model for your friends and family, or whether you prefer a more intimate, less showy approach to shopping, there is a gown waiting that makes you feel like royalty.

Call ahead, many shops are by appointment. This is a great way to ensure you don’t feel rushed and have someone there to help you! Having someone with all that knowledge is a true asset and will make your experience more memorable. You can spend your time dreaming about your first dance in your wedding gown, instead of hustling gowns around the store!

Check out our website for everything you need to know about finding the perfect wedding boutique for you and your friends. We already know you’re going to be a vision in white (or ivory – or champagne – or blush) and we haven’t even seen you in your gorgeous dress yet!

48 Weeks – 48 Weeks to Go. – Have you looked at your ring today?!


Let us be the first to say that you make an amazing fiancé. You’re planning this wedding like an absolute pro. We’re so glad you keep coming back for the insight we have to offer. We hope that you and your fiancé are having as much fun being engaged as we are in assisting you along the way. You’re steadily making progress toward a day that neither of you will ever forget. Keep checking back with us for more tips and advice on planning your dream wedding!

Strike a pose: It is time for you to start thinking about the next important aspect of your wedding: photography. Photography is something that allows you to capture the memories and every nuanced moment of your carefully curated day. and you’ll have them forever. Future you, and all of your descendants, will thank you for taking the time to choose an artist behind the camera to capture not only the moments, but the emotions of the day. Many brides and grooms will tell you that investing in a good photographer was one of the most important things that they did for themselves in their romantic life.

Finding a photographer that suits your style and taste can be a process but trust us when we say it is one that will be well worth it in the end. Photography styles differ from one photographer to the next. Between the way that they shoot and edit, to how many assistants they bring, and what kind of packages and services they offer, there is a lot to consider. Some couples may be naturally comfortable in front of a camera, others may need to make sure that one of the things they are ‘shopping’ for when meeting with photographers is a friendly personality. Obviously, talent should be the major factor with your photographer, but your connection is also important! You want someone that lets you feel like – yourself! One way to make sure you have a great connection is in the engagement session. This time together with your chosen photographer will break down some walls for the wedding day!

Visit our website – – and look at the Find Wedding Pros section to see a list of photographers we’ve enjoyed working with at our Expos. A picture truly is worth a thousand words. We’re here to help in any way we can.

47 Weeks – Counting down, 47 weeks to go

Coffee, Plan, Beauty Sleep, Repeat

Music and Entertainment

Do you ever just walk around doing your chores or the things on your to-do list for the day, listening to music or humming a catchy tune that’s stuck in your head? Music has a way of sticking with us and making even the most mundane tasks seem more fun. Sweeping when you pretend the broom is a microphone is way more fun! We know you’ve done it too! It’s pretty obvious that music is a very prominent part of people’s lives, from day-to-day tasks to big celebrations. With the months between you and your wedding day dwindling down by the minute (OK, maybe more like by the week), we have a new and exciting list of things you need to do. So put a song on the stereo and shimmy into your planning pants! It’s time to get to work on your eight-months-to-go planning duties! Let’s rock and roll!

Entertainment: Time to turn the music up! Music has a way of transforming any situation. Whether you’re grocery shopping or getting married (wink wink), music has the capability to take your events to the next level, creating an atmosphere that your guests will remember for a lifetime. That’s why one of the next, VERY important, tasks on your planning agenda is to start thinking about the music and entertainment for your event!

When thinking about your entertainment, you’ll want to choose someone that matches the intensity you envision for your reception. Your DJ can take your guests on a dancing journey, creating an amazing vibe for everyone to remember. A great DJ will know when to be a ‘behind the scenes’ music man, and when to raise the intensity to keep everyone on the dance floor. From your teary-eyed father-daughter dance to grandma doing ‘the twist,’ joy is found on the dance floor.

Luckily enough, there is an abundance of qualified and totally groovy music professionals all throughout the wedding industry here. From contemporary, live musicians to experienced, high-tech DJs, modern day brides and grooms have plenty of options. If the sheer amount of potential musical entertainers overwhelms you, don’t fret (no pun intended – any guitarists around?) because we have a lot of capable people ready and waiting to discuss your wedding needs, just head over to our website to browse from a few that the region has to offer.

Now, while you go do that, we’re going to be practicing our lip syncing, you know, just in case some karaoke breaks out at any of the future weddings we cover! Alexa, play “Marry Me” by Jason Derulo!

46 Weeks – 46 Weeks Away from the BIG DAY!

Videographer Week!


You’re steadily making progress toward the most magical celebration of your life. We are really getting going on the planning process now and it’s time to start brainstorming about what you want and envision for this wedding. With less than a year before you join each other in matrimony, there are some big-ticket items we need to be thinking about, and by ‘we,’ we mean you and your fiancé, we’re not actually going to weigh in, we’re just hanging in the background to guide you and help you stay on track!

Next up, videography: The next task we’re going to suggest is a very important one if it’s something you and your fiancé are wanting to incorporate into your wedding. If it isn’t something you’ve talked about, now’s the time! Will you opt for a videographer?

Video is a great way to preserve your wedding memories. Images are an amazing keepsake for every couple, but there is something about rewatching your first dance or your youthful selves seeing each other for the first time and breaking into tears that is an amazing gift you can give each other. Some say the day goes by in such a blink but imagine getting a second chance to relive it! Some utilize this gift of technology to include guests that are unable to attend the wedding but would still love to share in your joy.

So, whether you have family across seas, elder loved ones that can’t make the trip, or you just want to feel like a movie star on your big day, hiring a videographer to capture the day is the way to do it! Much like a photographer, each videographer has their own style, aesthetic and technique. Some edit their footage together like a movie. Others record live and save it so you can see how everything played out in real-time. How you want your day captured is between you and the person you hire, but if you need a place to start, try browsing some of the sample films that videographers post online. Seeing is believing. Trust us when we say regardless of who you choose to do your videography, you’ll look like a total star!

45 Weeks – We are at the 45-week mark

Is this fun or what?!


Welcome back future wives / husbands! We can’t believe another week has gone by and we’re approaching another task you need to do on your planning agenda. This wedding will be here before you know it! Let’s make sure your guests have a place to sleep so they won’t be asking to crash on your couch!

Accommodations: This next step in your planning process is a crucial one, especially if you and your future spouse have a lot of family and friends coming in from out of town for your special day. Oftentimes, when accounting for your wedding guests, you might focus on the obvious items, such as what to serve for dinner or what favors you’ll be giving them for attending such a special day. Although those things are indeed important, you should also consider the fact that out-of-town attendees will need somewhere to stay for the duration of your wedding festivities. If your reception is going to be an all-night affair, it’s a good idea to have a hotel block reserved in advance for your guests so that they can easily access somewhere to stay nearby.

Afterall, you don’t want to risk guests canceling or not showing simply because they can’t find somewhere to stay close to your venue. In order to make things simple for your guests and to keep any stress for out-of-towners to a minimum, we recommend that you and your betrothed start researching some of your favorite lodging accommodations in town. When you find a place that sounds like it would be a great home away from home for your friends and family, talk to the property to reserve a block of rooms for your anticipated guest count. This will ensure that the property doesn’t book up before your nuptials come around and guarantee your guests have somewhere spectacular to stay!

Ask if they offer any block discounts, some do and some don’t, but it never hurts to ask! Think about the location, both to your venue and to local attractions that your guests may want to partake in during down time. Do they have a shuttle? Is there a restaurant and lounge in the hotel for some of the guests to meet up? What about kid friendly? Or pet friendly?

Friends and family coming to visit, dreamy hotel rooms, marrying your best friend… How much fun is planning this wedding? Thanks for letting us be a part of the process. Check back next week for even more fun, exciting, and incredibly useful tips for keeping your planning process on track.

44 Weeks – 44 Weeks to Go

Your Dream Awaits

Rental Items – Ceremony Start Time

There’s no time to waste! Grab that party planning partner of yours, open up and then open at least 10 browser tabs on your computer – it’s time to do some planning… We’re eager to see what you pick!

Event Rentals: If you’re like many of the couples that are planning a wedding in today’s society, it’s likely that you’re opting to rent many of the key decorative components for your special day. It’s a great plan! Purchasing huge amounts of dinner items can be costly, time consuming, a storage nightmare and an intro into how to be a hoarder! There’s really no need to buy everything, unless you’re in the habit of hosting lavish parties with 100+ guests on the regular (if that’s the case then we do expect an invitation, of course)! All jokes aside, renting is a smart and resourceful way to make sure the aesthetic of your wedding meets your expectations at a fraction of the purchase cost.

This month, you’ll want to start locking down your rental items to ensure they’ll be available on your wedding day. It’s a great idea to know the rough number of guests. You can always update a final number later, but you’ll have to have an estimate before you can start your order. Rental companies have a huge number of options, so don’t get overwhelmed. This is the fun part. Your personality can shine through as you decide what the vibe of your wedding will be, then just go pick out some supporting items. Lean on the professionals for advice, they have years of experience and will remember things you won’t think of. Remember you don’t need to know everything; you just need to know who to ask.

Rental companies can book out some of the most popular items months in advance. If your wedding date is a popular one – stop reading this email and pick up the phone, there is no time to waste. The last thing you want to be thinking about on the big day is whether you ordered enough sage silk table runners. That’s why we’re here to remind you to tackle this task now!

Ceremony start time: About now, you should choose a time of day you wish to begin your ceremony. Many factors will go into making this decision. Lean on your venue owner and photographer to help guide this decision. You will want to ensure that the sun cooperates with your timeline! They’ll know what time of day is best for your photography and keeping the sun out of the guests’ eyes! Once you have this time in mind, tell your coordinator so they can start building your ‘day of timeline’ accordingly.

*TIP – Short on inspiration? Peek at magazine styled shoots to see some examples of beautiful tablescapes!

43 Weeks – 43 Wonderful Weeks Away – Love is so sweet

Tents – Engagement Pictures

Believe it or not, we find great joy in being part of this process with you. Thanks for letting us share in the planning. It’s our passion to see it all come together. We’re sure you’re eager to get to that very special day, too. Looking back at some of your planning until now, you’ve already marked a lot of big items off the to-do list. Venue, photographer, entertainment, video, rental – honestly, you’re crushing it! Just like the matrimonial boss you are, we’re sure you’re going to sail through these next duties just like you have the rest. We’re cheering you on and pumping you up because it’s planning time again ladies and gents! On your mark, get set, go plan!

Tent Rental: While there is a plethora of options for event spaces, we want to bring one idea to your attention that you might not have thought of until now. Wedding tents! For some of you, it may already be on the list. If you know this is not you, well you can skip ahead to the next subject. If you are not sure if you need a tent, or you know you want one, keep reading! There are endless reasons to have a tent at your wedding – maybe you need a place for overflow. Or maybe you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding but need some shelter from the sun (or rain). Sometimes brides and grooms want to create separation between their ceremony and reception locations. Tents combine a brilliant sense of unity with the great outdoors. The openness is perfect for partying under the stars and enjoying fresh air with a cool breeze. Tent options are vast and elegant these days – picture a clear tent draped with fabric and glittered with twinkle lighting, ooh-la-la, stunning! Whatever the reason you might choose to utilize a tent, now is the time to get it reserved! Browse through our resources on and see what you like! Don’t forget that weddings are not the only outdoor activities during the summer months. You may be competing with other events for the available stock.

Engagement pictures taken: This is a fun one! It’s time to get your engagement photos in the books. Depending on the weather and outdoor conditions, you may need to hold off a bit. Either way, it’s time to think about getting it on the calendar with your photographer and making arrangements – haircuts, outfits, all the fun stuff!

*TIP – If you are doing a tent set for your reception, will you need a dance floor?

42 Weeks – 42 Weeks, This is going by Quickly!

This is how your story begins.

Bridesmaids Dresses – Finalize the Invite List

Does it seem like time is moving right along, or is it just us? We can’t believe we’ve made it this far into the wedding planning process with you! Well, of course we knew you’d make it this far, you’re a party-planning champ! You really are making terrific progress. Ready for what’s next? OK, take a deep breath and let’s get to planning the next important task on your to-do list.

Bridesmaids Dresses: Obviously we know that you and your betrothed are going to look like supermodels as you make your way down the aisle, but it’s important to ensure that your bridal party looks their best as well. Your friends are standing next to you on the biggest day of your life, and we know with a little focus on their attire, everyone will be looking like knockouts in your pictures. Do you know what time it is? You guessed it – it’s time to look into bridesmaid dresses! Where do you start? How do you find the perfect style for your besties? You want to choose something that they’ll feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in. There are plenty of top-of-the-line boutiques in New Mexico that specialize in dressing bridesmaids for weddings! Head over to our website to find some ideas of where to start on your journey to dressing your ladies like the queens that they are … wait, we meant princesses. The Bride is Queen on her wedding day! We didn’t forget!

Flower girl and ring bearer: It’s time to ask those little ones in your life to be a part of your big day! Asking them to join you should be a fun task on your to-do list as it is such an honor and will brighten their faces to be part of such an epic celebration of love.

Head count: Also, this week – it’s time to finalize the guest list. Trust us when we say we completely understand this moment when the two of you become joined together is a very profound, intimate and moving moment. Vowing to love someone in sickness and in health until death do you part is beautiful. We know that deciding who to share this moment with is an important decision. For some couples, it will be hard to decide who does not make the cut. For others, it will be hard to think about such a big crowd. Either way, it is crucial to finalize your guest list early so you can have a solid idea of exactly what parameters are in effect for other areas of your wedding – like catering, party favors and cake. Consult the budget you’ve already put together to know how much wiggle room you have. Get with your closest family and bridal party members to help you plan; their input can be very beneficial in nailing down a final head count and deciding who to invite and who to omit. Don’t forget to add us to your list. Just kidding! We will, however, be there with you in spirit on your most joyous occasion!

41 Weeks – 41 Short Weeks To Go!

Two become one, Let’s pull the trigger on this date!

Save the Dates

You’ve come this far! With the help of your loving fiancé and the wedding professionals who are cheering you on (we mean us!), there’s nothing that this wedding will bring your way that you won’t be able to handle flawlessly! This week we want you to put your favorite throwback track on the loudspeakers, turn it up, and do some kitchen dancing with that person you’re about to marry!

Mark your Calendars: Last week we had you finalize the guest list for another reason, round one of the invites is about to go public. It is time to send out some ‘Save the Dates’. We are sure you have had some fun looking online at options for your pre-invitation invitation. There are so many different styles and ways to make ‘Save the Dates,’ we are sure you have honed in on one that perfectly shows a bit of who you are as a couple! If not, it’s time to take a peek at what the world wide web has to offer. These don’t need to have all of the info, just a date and a place so that those busy loved ones or those living far from you can start getting their calendars cleared!

Your invitation designer will likely be the one who carries you all the way from Save the Date to your thank-you cards. The things in between may include place cards for guest seating, table numbers, ceremony programs, favor tags and the list goes on. As you are talking with your designer, talk about these things, too. Then you and your spouse can make a list of which printed items you’re going to need for your wedding. Having this list in place will be helpful to your overall to-do list.

*TIP – Include hotel info in the out-of-town guest Save the Date so they can get their rooms reserved!

40 Weeks – 40 (whoop-whoop) Weeks!

Love is in bloom!


We are here to help you however we can. But we’re also here to help you remember to take a deep breath and remind you that you’re crushing it, and you can do this. We’ll keep track of the hard stuff; you go enjoy being engaged while you can!

Florals: This week is a time-tested tradition that almost every wedding honors: Florals. Nature offers one of the most luxurious parts of decor with its colorful and delicate blossoms that can adorn everything from the ceremony backdrop to the reception tables. Flowers can be found on the cake and in the lapel of a suit. Whether you have a cascading bouquet for the ages or a more understated ribbon wrap of fresh cut stems, it’s time to talk to a florist about your wishes. When it comes to flowers there are SO many things to consider. Lean on your professionals to help you through all the ins and outs. They know the market, the seasons and can get you realistically from your Pinterest board of dreams to a beautiful fragrant reality when it comes to your order!

If you are thinking about how to thank some of those that have helped you along the way, sending home the centerpieces from the wedding is a lovely way to top off a handwritten note of your gratitude as well!

*TIP – If you are thinking of having flowers on your cake this will be something you will want to bring up to your florist. Ask what you need to do and keep that in mind for your later conversation with potential bakeries.

39 Weeks – 39 weeks from your big I DO

You are marrying your best friend.

Premarital Counseling – Traditions

Hello wedding-planning aficionados. Just checking in to see how the planning is going. Just kidding. We know you are checking off to-dos like you’re in beast mode. Ready to see what this week has in store for you? Let’s go.

The next thing we want to encourage you to consider on your journey to matrimony is one that not everyone chooses to participate in before their wedding comes around. Depending on your officiant, it may be something they require at least a few sessions of. For others the benefits are intriguing. There is no question that planning a wedding is a touch stressful and likely you’ll follow your vows up with some other life-altering events (buying a house, children, new jobs, relocating). Sooner or later, the knowledge of how to navigate uncomfortable conversations and stress between you two will no doubt come in handy. There is sometimes a stigma that goes along with counseling, don’t fall prey to the “we don’t have any problems; why would we need counseling” attitude. Premarital counseling is there to give you the tools to build your life together. You may not even have conflict with each other right now where you will need to use these tools. Knowing how to be heard without escalation and getting to the resolution of the disagreement without an argument, whether it be with in-laws, employers or your spouse, is priceless.

Not only does it help you learn more about the process of marriage, but it will also help you quite easily hash out things that can become stressors for newlyweds, like finances, communication styles, conflict resolution, etc. So, if you feel as though premarital counseling could benefit you and your soon-to-be spouse, now is the time to look into professionals who can help you work through any pre-matrimonial questions or concerns you might have. There’s no time like the present.

Ceremony Traditions: This is a great time to hear each other’s ideas of customs and traditions for the wedding ceremony and decide which ones you’ll include. You may choose to create some of your own new traditions as well. This is a great way to make this celebration uniquely you.

38 Weeks – Would you believe it’s only 38 weeks

This is the fun part!

Day-Of Coordinator

You’re making your way through this checklist like a bridal boss (you are too, grooms). The ceremony is an integral part of your special day, and we know that tackling the ins and outs of such an important aspect can be intimidating. However, you’re doing it and you’re making it all look almost as flawless as that gorgeous engagement ring on your finger! You didn’t think we forgot about that sparkle in all the planning, did you? Well, the point is that you’re doing a great job so far, and we’re so happy to be your wedding planning assistant along the way. We want to remind you that we really won’t be there the day of your wedding. However, if you have already hired a wedding planner this week it’s probably going to be a piece of cake (Yum! When is cake tasting anyway?). If you have not, we encourage you to give yourself a gift. It’ll be a gift to your whole family as well. The gift? A Day-Of Wedding Coordinator.

Day-Of Coordinator: We know some of you are hustling through this list (and killing it). The day of the wedding, well it’s your day to enjoy, to laugh and dance. It’s your day to see old friends and talk, eat cake and look into your spouse’s eyes. What we don’t want is for you to be answering questions, giving directions, navigating conflict or finding lost items. No problem-solving on your wedding day.

Our wish is that you spend your day being pampered, laughing, toasting, possibly some tears (but not from stress) from the letter your fiancé wrote you to read before the wedding. Trust us, this is your day; you’ll be so happy that someone else figured out how to get the suit one of the groomsmen left at the hotel.

There are several styles for day-of coordinating. Contact a few and just see what they have to offer. Find someone that is perfect for your wedding, then sit back and enjoy.

We also want you to get as much enjoyment out of your engagement as possible, you both deserve it. See you next week. We’ll keep you on track as far as the timeline of planning this dreamy affair is concerned. Enjoy the little moments, we’ll be here reminding you of important things to accomplish as they come around.

If you have already hired a wedding planner, take the week off and just focus on each other! Take a night to relax and just enjoy being engaged. Have some food delivered and stream a rom-com!

37 Weeks – 37 weeks away!

You’re crushing this planning thing!

Room and Tent Draping

You’re making amazing progress! We can hardly believe you’re not a professional at this whole wedding planning thing! Great job! These are big decisions, choosing who you want to create and capture the memories and moments of your special day.

Room Draping: Have you booked your decor specialist? Did you just pause to ask yourself what that is? We understand that this might not come to mind first and foremost when it comes to setting your wedding stage. If you go back and look at some of those inspirational images you are in awe of for your wedding, you’ll find that often there is some sort of amazing decor when you look up! What used to be a trend has become a wedding design staple. If your dream decor vision includes draping, now’s the time to talk to a decor specialist. Draping can be fabric, crystals and florals. Honestly, we are not even sure what all it entails, we just know it’s majestic. Adding elegant and sophisticated room draping to your venue space can create a romantic and incredibly enchanting ambiance. Draping can transform a room. We’ve watched decor specialist turn a gymnasium into a posh five-star venue! Not only can room draping create a softer, cozier atmosphere, it can also take your photo shoots, dance moves and even your champagne toasts to a whole new, enchanting level.

We strongly encourage our couples to take this creative and whimsical addition to their wedding into consideration on their path to planning their nuptials. It’s something we’re totally on board with, a touch of magic that is beautiful and classy at the same time. Just like this wedding is sure to be, a true stunner!

36 Weeks – Just 36 more weeks to plan. – Aloha, you’re really good at this!

Honeymoon Planning

OK, you lovely soon-to-be spouses, can you picture it? You’re sitting on a tropical island somewhere, a beach towel with the words ‘

“just married” is sprawled across the hot, ivory sand. Your new spouse is sitting next to you sipping a frozen, exotic drink. Could this be paradise? Or maybe the sun and the sand isn’t quite your speed; hey we get it! Some people aren’t into the beach, no problem. So, perhaps the two of you are strolling blissfully hand-in-hand along a European cobblestone street. Your matching newlywed t-shirts draw the eye of locals as you take in stunning, historical architecture and sip on warm, frothy coffee. It’s official, consider us jealous! Why? Because today’s planning to-do’s concentrate entirely on catching flights and feelings in more ways than one. Are you ready? We certainly are! Taxi! Take us to the first item on our list, pronto!

Just Married: This first item for you to check off this month’s planning tasks is one full of wanderlust and worldly excitement. If you like traveling, then this is probably going to be the most fun part of your wedding for you, OK maybe the second most fun part, after actually tying the knot with the love of your life, that is. It’s time to finalize your honeymoon; it’s time to book flights and hotels! Did you just squeal in excitement, because we certainly did! Whether you and your partner are looking for a hot and sunny beach bungalow or a warm and wintry cabin somewhere far off, across the pond, whatever destination is drawing your attention for a romantic getaway, we are in full support of booking your dream trip right now! A honeymoon is important to a newly wedded couple, as it allows them some time to enjoy each other’s company alone, spend some time adjusting to being spouses, and it allots the privacy and remoteness to explore your love, passion and intimacy away from home. So, update your passports and start browsing your favorite travel sites, because we simply can’t wait to see where you’ll be jetting off to after you say, “I do.” If you need help, check out our list of travel services under wedding pros on our website. We promise they’ll be as helpful as we are in your decision making. By the way, do you think we would qualify as a carry-on? We really like the beach, too!

In addition to booking flights for your romantic honeymoon, the next thing we encourage you to do this month is to book a wedding night hotel for after your ceremony and reception. It’s not likely that you’ll be hopping aboard a plane two hours after your reception and the party winds down, but if so, then more power to you! We are exhausted just thinking about it. It’s much more likely you’ll be spending your first night as newlyweds somewhere before embarking on your honeymoon. So, now’s the time to choose where that place will be. Whether you opt for a quaint and cozy BandB, or a sophisticated and lavish wedding night suite, wherever you choose will be the quintessential picture of romance and love! Pop the champagne and sprinkle some rose petals, because once you pick and book your wedding night hotel, you’re one step closer to being newlyweds. We just got butterflies, holy excitement!

35 Weeks – Countdown says…35 weeks!

You will light up the room!

Event Lighting

Hello again! We’re sure all your planning is coming right along, and you’re still making use of our resources to gather all your wedding pros! There’s probably a wedding show coming up and it’s a great time to register to receive emails with specials for the remainder of your checklist. We’ll see you there! In the meantime, let’s shed some light on the next subject.

Lighting Time: Event lighting is one of those things you may not instantaneously think of when checking off your to-do list. It is however becoming very popular because of its ability to create an atmosphere like no other. Lighting can transform a wedding in many ways. From enhancing photography aesthetics, to setting the mood of both your ceremony and reception, spending a little extra time and money on lighting can take your wedding day to a whole new level. Event lighting is that extra level of ambiance that you may not even consciously think about, but if you change it or turn it off, you immediately notice that it was SO much better before.

Lighting can be used to add your monogram to the dance floor or ceiling, illuminate columns on the dance floor, or it can even give you the illusion of being under the stars even when you’re indoors. To really grasp all the options, talking to a lighting artist is the way to go.

Describe your venue, wedding design and colors so a lighting expert can give you a plethora of options to choose from in a wide range of budgets. We already know you’re going to be a star shining in the spotlight when the day rolls around, but why not take this time to plan out your lighting style in depth, so you’re guaranteed to shine brighter than ever on such a momentous day. We can’t wait to see you sparkle like the diamond you are! Light it up, ladies and gentlemen, it’s nearly time to get married!

*TIP – Many DJs offer lighting as an add-on to their music service.

34 Weeks – Week 34 (but who’s counting?)

Love Sweet Love

Cake Tastings

Don’t forget, we’re right here with you to help in any way we can, and if that requires sampling tasty cake or anything of the sort, we’re happy to help with that, too! But seriously, just tell us when and where to meet you.

Let them eat cake: When you think of the focal point of a wedding, apart from the fabulous couple standing at the end of the aisle exchanging their dreamy vows, you probably picture a stunning, show-stopping wedding cake that’s usually on display until the newlyweds choose to share it with their loved ones post-cake cutting. In today’s society, wedding cakes can be just about any size, shape, flavor, filling and décor style that a couple desires. There are no steadfast rules when it comes to planning out your confectionary dreams. Some couples even choose to have more than one cake, or maybe even a groom’s cake. Other couples opt for whimsy, and some seek more traditional pastries. In fact, some couples don’t even choose to serve a cake at all, but instead gravitate toward the self-serve ease of cupcakes or cookies! Like we said, there’s no wrong choice when you choose what to order, the main thing is that you get to thinking about your plan of attack for offering those sweets. We encourage you to take this time to go visit with some cake artists and bakers, sample all the flavors you can (what a chore, we know!) and start narrowing down your final picks.

Don’t forget to consider a cake stand as well as where (and on what) you’ll be putting your cake. Remember it is real food and won’t stand all day in the elements. Consult with your cake baker to see what their recommendations are for keeping that centerpiece looking like a million bucks all the way to the cutting.

If you need some help, a good place to start is our website – (under Find Wedding Pros) for some available bakeries and decorators in New Mexico. No matter what path you take, it’s gonna be a sweet one!

33 Weeks – 33 weeks til’ you get hitched


Balloon Garland and Large Marquee Letters

Hi again. Happy to see us? We’re thrilled to see you, too!

Our next to-dos are real showstoppers. They’re super trendy, and we’re sure you’ve seen it on someone’s Insta feed. They add a bit of whimsy and can really make a fun photo backdrop! What could it be, you ask? Oversized letters and balloon arches! That’s right, we want you to have a little fun with this to-do item and discuss with your betrothed. Whether you want to incorporate balloon displays and/or arches into your ceremony, reception or both, they’re really making a comeback in a GREAT way!

Set the stage for socials: When it comes to setting the scene, think fun and photogenic. These Instagramable moments really add a huge wow from the moment your guests arrive! Utilizing these elements enhances your ambiance and creates a whimsical wow factor for your wedding day, but it can also create stunning and memorable photo-op scenes and locations for your guests to enjoy throughout your special day.

If you’ve been to one of our Wedding Expos, you no doubt know what we are talking about. But if not, scroll through Pinterest, browse through the pages on our website ( or Google some ideas for inspiration to decide whether it’s time to contact a florist or balloon specialist to spruce up your venue space even more. If you need help tracking down the right professional to help you with the job, head back to our website for that list of wedding pros. We’ve got your back, and they’ve got what you need to make your wedding space memorable for a lifetime.

32 Weeks – 32 weeks (anyone else feel like this is going really fast?)

Isn’t this fun!?

Beverage Service and Bartending – Envelope Addressing

Hope you are doing well! This planning is like a full-time job, right? We’re really gaining on the finish line though! Just over six months to go, and we’ve locked in so much of the big stuff. Today let’s focus on the refreshments, shall we?

Drink up: Could anyone use a drink? Planning is hard work after all. We get it. We’re right there with you, ladies and gents. That’s what brings us to our next topic to consider in planning this amazing wedding of yours! Beverage bars are consistently gaining popularity when it comes to planning modern weddings. Beverage bars at receptions are no longer limited to a cocktail hour or wine service; you have lots of options now! We can think of several right off the cuff. You could opt for a full-service alcohol bar, which is sure to get the party started when your reception is ready to begin. Choosing a signature drink with your fiancé is also a fun way to give a nod to how you met, where you are going for your honeymoon, or just a fun refreshing drink well-suited to your wedding season.

If alcohol’s not something you want to incorporate into your wedding day, then fear not, you’re not left out by any means. You could always go for the chill, sophistication of a coffee bar, which will bring warmth and coziness to your intimate gathering. You could even consider doing a smoothie bar! The sky is truly the limit with the creativity that you can incorporate into your big day. Don’t forget the kiddos, if you will have several under 21 at your wedding, you could even do both, everyone loves to have options! No matter what direction you’re leaning, cheers to planning, because we think you’re on the right track to orchestrating a fun, beautiful and memorable wedding!

Address Collection: It will no doubt be a chore to get everyone’s invitations addressed. You may choose to hire a calligrapher or do it yourself, either way you will want to make sure you have a current address for each of your guests. Now is a great time to reach out and update that list and make sure you have all the latest info. This way if you need to pass on a list to a helper, you’re good to go. Consult your planner to decide the best way for addressing them to be transparent about who specifically is invited and if they’re allowed to bring a date.

31 Weeks – 31 weeks to go!

Looking good by the way!

Hair and Makeup – Dance Lessons

You’ve spent a lot of time focusing on your bridal gown, and rightfully so (it’s kind of a big deal and because you’re going to look stunning!). With that said, however, we think it is time to shift the direction of our focus and take some time to figure out the master plan for your hair and makeup.

Hair and makeup (HandM if you’re really cool) is a very important part of a wedding day. We know you want to look your best, and we want you to as well, which won’t be hard, you beautiful bride-to-be, you! However, choosing the right person and/or service to cater to your hair and makeup needs is crucial. Most of us have some experience with daily hair and makeup, but we’re not really used to a structured updo that will last all day. Here’s our take on it; these pictures will likely make it to every social media platform known to humankind. Your in-laws will have one made and hung on their wall. The way you look on this day will be around (for better or worse) for a long time. You have spent so much time and energy on every detail that we want to make sure you remember to take time for you as well. It is not only a fun time to be pampered on your wedding day, but these professionals have access to products that are better for photography, they are more experienced helping hair withstand a day FULL of events and they are skilled at making you look your best!

You want to find someone who shares a similar style, approach to beauty and uses products that you approve of. Your wedding day is no time to experiment with drastically different hair and makeup styles. So do some research and find the perfect place to make you feel your most beautiful. We highly recommend a trial run so that you have time to communicate if your vision does not align with theirs. The trial is a great time for you two to make sure you are on the same page, then when the wedding day comes around, you have nothing to worry about but to trust, sit back and enjoy!

Dancing the night away: If you’re thinking of blowing your guests’ minds with some surprised choreographed moves or just need to make sure you’re not stepping on each other’s feet, it is time to get dance lessons on the calendar. You’ll want to make sure you have some time to ‘get the hang of it’ before the big reveal! We love a great performance and are on the edge of our seats to see what you come up with to dazzle the crowd.

If you need help, head over to our website for some help in finding potential vendors!

30 Weeks – 30 weeks until you say “I Do”

Let’s check off some boxes!


It’s time to turn your attention to something that’s incredibly important to the success of your wedding day. It’s time to pick out your wedding invitations! More than just a piece of paper, the invitations you choose to send out to your prospective guests should reflect you and your fiancé as a couple. They should be eye catching, informative and easy to refer to for important details for your wedding guests. This is setting the stage for the entire wedding vibe. If there’s a theme or a design that’s dominant within your wedding design, you can use the invitations to ‘sneak peek’ that to your guests. Whether you choose to select an intricate, detailed wedding announcement or whether you feel more drawn to the simple convenience of an all-in-one, however you choose to spread the word to those you wish to share your wedding day with, you should feel comfortable in the decision that you make both aesthetically and financially.

Cordially invited: Your wedding coordinator will help you with correct wording for addressing your cards and how to indicate how many are invited. Such as, is it the whole family, or do guests get a plus one? This is the time to communicate that to your guests so that there are no surprises on your wedding day!

Your stationer can also help you choose the perfect design and wording for your invites! Remember these will be on refrigerators throughout the country, so make sure they look fabulous! Put on your creativity cap to get those ideas and intricacies flowing freely. We can’t wait to receive ours in the mail, by the way, wink wink!

But actually, now that we think about it, if you do end up with an extra, send us an invite! We won’t actually attend your wedding, obviously, but it would be fun to show off your beautiful invitations via social media or on our website and Journeys!

P.S. We will wait until after your wedding to post it so you don’t have any crashers – ha!!

NM Wedding Guides and Expos

P.O. Box 92575

Albuquerque, NM 87199

*TIP – Have a few people proof the invitations, including your coordinator, to ensure the dates, times, locations and spellings are all correct!

29 Weeks – Your wedding countdown = 29 weeks!

Planning to Party!

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties – Wedding Insurance

Six months, that’s no time at all! We can barely believe that we’re closing in so quickly on your very special, beautiful day. You’re doing a terrific job of planning your pending nuptials, and as we watch it all come together by your side, we can’t help but swoon at the romance and beauty that you’re incorporating into your wedding day. You’ve gone from wedding-planning novice to practically a professional, and we’re so proud!

By this week you should have successfully selected your invitations. We’re secretly hoping for one in the mail ourselves. Now’s time to think about who is invited to the bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Party planning time planning: Some opt for one-night out, others choose a multi-day trip or event. Girls go glamping? Comedy Club night? Luxury and limousines? Stay in and host a lingerie party? There are truly tons of options! Have fun with this part of the planning, there are no rules, just make it memorable for everyone. This should be a time of bonding between family (old and new) and friends alike! You may want to consider the budget of all those on your potential guest list, as many times all chip in for the festivities. Let the sky be the limit on your ideas, but now is the time to start planning!

*TIP – Don’t forget to pack your ‘I’m Getting Married” pin or the luggage tags you might have won at the NM Wedding Expo!

Protecting your investment: Thinking about how much time and money will go into your big day, weddings are truly an investment. Even with all your perfect planning, no one can ensure everything will proceed perfectly. In walks wedding insurance, an opportunity to protect yourself from the unknown, like potential cancellation due to weather, illness (non-COVID related), military deployment, etc., these are things out of your control. Once you have a date booked you can get wedding insurance. Depending on the insurance you choose, it can even be up to 14 days before the wedding! The main thing is to protect yourself from the unknown and give yourself a sense of peace. From natural disasters to a lost dress, an investment in wedding insurance can help keep you covered for the unexpected.

28 Weeks – 28 weeks away, you got this!

No one is as excited as we are. OK maybe you are.

Live Wedding Painting

Six months to go and you’re closing in on the finish line. We know it’s going to be so amazing when you finally make it down the aisle. As you go about finalizing this last little stretch of wedding planning, don’t forget the most important thing, which is to enjoy these last few months of your engagement alongside your fiancé. Soak up this period in life together and make the most of your time as an engaged couple.

Heirloom art: What fresh ideas do we have for you this week you ask? Well, if you have been on TikTok you have likely seen the new twist in event entertainment: Live painters! I know, we love it too! This new trend is fun to watch and even better, receiving a lifelong work of art that is uniquely your wedding day. Imagine your wedding painter with a blank canvas just ready to capture the essence of your wedding. Then you will have a lifetime to admire and remember your day with this one-of-a-kind heirloom art piece. You are on the cutting edge of a trend with this one that doubles as a unique new form of live entertainment, guests love to check in throughout the day as the scene comes together.

As we hit this mile marker of about 6 months away, remember to take time for yourselves. It sounds silly but stay hydrated (your skin will thank you), stay active and remain calm. If you are feeling any stress at all, just breathe and reset. This should be fun and memorable for the right reasons!

27 Weeks – 27 weeks until you are a newlywed

We love your journey!

Rehearsal Dinner – Wedding Event Guest Lists

Can you believe it? It has been half a year! We wouldn’t believe it if we weren’t here for all your masterful planning from the get-go. You’re making such amazing progress; we can hardly wait to get started this month!

Rehearsal Dinner Planning: We have another job for you to do in terms of planning this iconic wedding of yours. The next step in ensuring that everything runs smoothly for your big day is to practice. The age old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ could not be more applicable to weddings if we came up with it ourselves. That’s why many couples choose to have a wedding rehearsal with the bridal party and immediate family members present, to ease some of the nerves and to ensure that things run seamlessly on the day of. Generally held a day or two before the wedding, a rehearsal is crucial in making the couple feel more confident and comfortable on the day of their ‘I Dos.’ After the trial run, a rehearsal dinner is generally the norm.

So, to make sure you have a place planned out well in advance, we urge you to start researching places that will host the amount of people you’ll be inviting to the rehearsal and book that space at this point in the process. Food should also be reserved. If you are hosting at a place that has a restaurant, problem solved. Or for some of you, a rehearsal dinner will be a bit less public and will be hosted at a family home or neighborhood center. Wherever the rehearsal dinner takes place, deciding on a menu should also be talked about! It should be easy; everyone likes to talk about food! Practice does make perfect, and we say that a rehearsal dinner is as good of an excuse as any to enjoy a fun and delicious dinner with your closest friends and family. Need we say more?

We do want to encourage you to take some time during this planning period to enjoy some time with your fiancé though. This preparation can be consuming, and time is ticking by, so we want you to remember to enjoy the engagement period and celebrate the small accomplishments you’re making together!

Guest List for other events: Did someone say mimosas? Chances are your wedding has several side events that will accompany it. Aside from your rehearsal dinner, you’ll likely have a brunch and at least one shower. Now is a great time to get those additional invite lists together. Even if you are not the one coordinating it, they’ll likely ask you who all to invite!

26 Weeks – Have you been keeping track? We have: 26 weeks!

We vow to be here for you!


We’ve got a few more fun things for you to mark off that planning list, and we know you’re looking forward to the approaching day with even more excitement than ever before. So, keep doing what you’ve done so far and get to planning, all of you beautiful couples. It’s time to tackle more six-month planning milestones, you’ve got this!

Officiant: You’ve officially decided who will be sharing one of the most magical and memorable moments in your lives with you, the next step is probably one of the most important. Afterall, you can’t get legally married without having someone there to marry you. This means you need to start thinking about hiring your officiant. The good news is that you have options. The possibilities when it comes to who can officiate your ceremony is nearly limitless nowadays. Maybe you want to use your religious leader (i.e., a pastor, a reverend, a rabbi, or any other important figure throughout your body of worship), or perhaps you’re more drawn to the idea of having someone dear to you becoming ordained. Luckily for brides and grooms who are tying the knot in the 21st century, the sky’s the limit on who can legally marry a couple. There are countless ways to be ordained today, and there are many people who can pronounce you legally wed. Do some research and utilize our Officiant tab on our website – – to find the perfect person to help you and your true love say, “I do”.

We feel like the next part of planning your wedding ceremony is fun! It’s time to put your thinking caps on and hit the drawing board, because the details of a wedding ceremony can vary drastically from couple to couple. Traditional or non-traditional, it is all up to you! There is a lot that can be added to or taken away from a wedding to make it exactly the occasion you want it to be. This is the part of your planning process to consider everything you want to incorporate into your big day to make it picture perfect in your eyes. What will make it the day that will stick in your minds forever?

You have a lot to consider when it comes to designing your ceremony. Do you want to work different types of music into your processional? Do you want to do traditional or custom vows? How about the lights – are you going for candlelit or a more coordinated lighting display? Are you and your partner going to include a unity ceremony? There are many options there as well. From sand ceremonies to planting a tree to symbolize the joining of two families, there are really no rules when it comes to what feels right for you and your other half. You have time to decide exactly how you want this day to look, and we are here to help you put all of the pieces together to form a brilliant and beautiful masterpiece.

25 Weeks – Week 25, this is really happening!

Planning is Everything

Register – Passport Update

Guess what, us again, your friendly wedding countdown reminders. We are really trucking along on this journey. Next stop; Wedding Registry!

Registry: You are no doubt decision-making pros at this point. We think you deserve to shop for some things that you’ll actually get to keep! Afterall, as necessary as reserving rentals is, shopping for your own goodies is a lot more fun. Trust us, there are a lot of ways in which you can do this. Whether you and your future spouse choose to forgo the material items and wish to focus on a honeymoon registry, or whether you want the traditional experience of choosing items you want in an actual store, the bottom line is you are setting up your future lives together and shopping for the things you need to do just that. It is always a great idea to give guests a range to choose from. Knowing what you already have or seeing what style you have in mind as you nest is truly important for gift buying. After all, what everyone wants is to give you something that you’ll cherish forever and that will be a keepsake from your wedding.

We say go nuts! Register for things in all price ranges. You never know, if the entire office goes together to get you something you may just walk away with that big ticket item.

So, grab that barcode scanner or pull up your favorite home décor store’s website, and start browsing! Love makes a home a home, but the latest and greatest in appliances and cozy décor can sure help! Go ahead and register for that retro popcorn machine, we’re not judging. But we do request you add extra butter, pretty please!

*TIP – Some registry places have incentives for signing up with them. Raise your hand if you like free stuff! Some offer completion programs with discounts for things that didn’t get purchased.

Passport update: Time to get ahead of any time-consuming chores you may need to do to travel for your honeymoon. Especially if you are going to travel out of the country, you will need to triple check that nothing will hold you up. Starting with your paperwork, are your passports and IDs up to date (you will want to check the expiration date with the return of your honeymoon travels, not the beginning)? Also, are there any vaccinations you’ll need for travel? Just checking into all of the processes and getting appointments on your calendar is a good idea. We are only about six months from the BIG DAY!

24 Weeks – The big day is in 24 weeks!

Rolling with you to the wedding day.

Transportation – Parking – Valet

That was a lot of fun! Shopping for your future home and life together is almost as exciting as your wedding is going to be, we completely agree. The fun, however, does not stop there. Now, while we run to the mailbox every five minutes from now until your wedding day eagerly searching for our invitation, we have another exciting task for you to do! You didn’t think we were done yet, did you? We’ve got plenty more wedding planning to do where that came from, starting with reserving and paying for your wedding day/night transportation. This can commonly be a part of a wedding ceremony that many couples overlook. You obviously pay close attention to the big-ticket items, such as your wedding night hotel, your caterer and the wedding cake baker. We get it! Some things come to mind more than others when envisioning your dreamy day.

Arrive in style: We’ve been ‘around the block’ a few times, however, and we are determined to make sure you take care of every last detail before your special day of matrimony rolls around! That includes ensuring that you take the time to square away whatever kind of transportation you desire for the end of your big day. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless fairytale essence of a horse-drawn carriage, or perhaps you’re more excited by the modern luxury of a stretch limousine, whatever your personal preference is, there’s plenty of transportation options to choose from.

Even if you opt to do a low-key exit, consider how your out-of-town guests will return home after the night of dancing (and possibly drinking). There are options for shuttles or limousines to make a trip to ensure your loved ones make it home safe. There’s no right or wrong way to be ushered from your reception and taken into the rest of your lives as spouses. Just take this time to discuss your options with your partner, research possible services (our website is a great resource) and make your final decisions. Taking a moment now to be certain you have reliable and appropriate transportation to get from your venue to your wedding night hotel will ensure that your wedding day itself is nothing but blue skies, smooth sailing and all the mushy-gushy romance you can dream of! We got butterflies just thinking about it!

Parking: Some of you may also want to consider valet parking. For many venues this is not a necessity, but for some it’s a great idea. If you are hosting a wedding with limited parking or parking with less-than-ideal conditions, it may be a problem-solving idea to have them pull right up to the front doors. Whether you’re problem solving for a muddy field in heels, freezing cold or nighttime downtown parking, you can see why it’s a consideration!

23 Weeks – Only 23 weeks left to wait – Don’t forget the romance

Mothers and Grandmothers Dress Shopping – Playlist

Well, the good news is that you’re making amazing progress this month too, though that’s not much of a surprise at this point. You’re really getting the hang of this wedding planning thing! We’d like to think you had an amazing guide along the way, but in all honesty, you’re doing plenty on your own. This wedding is going to be beautiful. As we scroll through our checklist, let’s take note of the things you’ve already conquered – Invites in the mail? Check! Riding away from your wedding in style? Check! In love with the perfect person. Check, check!

Mothers dress shopping: This next one is on your list, but you can take a back seat while planning. It’s Mother (and Grandmother) of the Bride dress shopping time. The rules for the MOB are not the same traditional ones she may have grown up with. You can help her choose a dress that she feels comfortable and happy in. You (and she) can opt to stay within the color palette of the bridesmaids’ dresses if you like, or she can opt to choose another color. Usually, they tend to at least stay within a complimentary palate to the wedding colors, but again, not a necessity. When it comes to the Mother of the Groom, the same rule applies, and they do not need to match each other. However, in photos it may look complementary if they are coordinating to a point. Depending on the season, her style and yours, you are sure to find a beautiful dress that she’ll love. Consult your local bridal shop if you have any questions. The rule of thumb is to shop early though, so your selection is wide enough to find the perfect one.

Play list: Whether you’ve hired a DJ or live musicians, we know you and your fiancé likely have a particular idea of the kind of music you desire for your wedding reception. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, whatever gets those toes tapping and hips swaying, right? We couldn’t agree more. This is the time in your planning process that you should be focusing on narrowing down your final song selections, ensuring that you have the evening’s major musical ballads selected (i.e., your first dance and the song you’ll be sharing a dance with your parents, too). Make sure that every song you could possibly dream of dancing to at your wedding is selected, because once the party starts jumping, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is whether you included the Cha Cha Slide in your reception soundtrack. You’re done for the month! But, if you need us, we’ll be practicing our electric slide while we wait for the mail to come!

*TIP – Be open to let your professional DJ read the dance floor and use some experience to keep the crowd pleased and on the dance floor. That is the main goal!

*Ok one more tip, but you’ll love it. We know that these details aren’t everything, what’s important about your upcoming day is the love between you and your person! We hope you’re taking this time to nurture your relationship, and if not, then take this as us giving you a bonus task this month – go snuggle and enjoy a little alone time with that love of yours. We’ll keep the planning process going and we’ll be back next time to remind you of the next set of tasks you have to do.

22 Weeks – Only 22 weeks!

This is your moment


The countdown continues as we near the day of your dreams. Thanks for letting us tag along by the way. We want to take this edition of our wedding planning breakdown to encourage you to think outside of your bridal box!

Nowadays, people are breaking boundaries and stepping outside of the norm when it comes to adding fun and interesting components to their weddings. Whether it’s a donut wall or a food truck catered meal, there are a lot of ways people are utilizing their creativity to make their wedding memorable and unique.

Photobooth: They’re not only fun for brides, grooms and guests alike, but they’re also interactive – a great way to keep guests involved in the celebration. Plus, they’ll take home a souvenir to help them look back on your big day forever. Photobooths are a creative and genius way of making the most of your wedding day, in a way that both captures memories galore and promotes a good time all around for everyone in attendance.

The fun part is choosing which photo booth is right for you. There are so many types now. A full 360-degree photobooth is really no booth at all. There’s also mirror style to give participants real-time feedback of their poses and facial expressions. Of course, the old-school hop-in models are timeless classics. Many photobooth operators provide crazy props to get super silly. Consider your guests’ personalities when choosing a booth. While self-serve booths may be less costly, it may take time for help to arrive if the booth quits working. Photobooths are always a fun time, and what’s a wedding without a little photo fun?

21 Weeks – Just 21 sweet weeks to go!

Are you as excited as we are?

Med Spa – Self Care

We have really been finalizing details and squaring away important things. Now it’s time to incorporate some valuable self-care into the wedding-planning process. If you’ve been a ball of nervous energy and anxiety, we are here to help in every way possible. Let’s do something just for us, take a deep breath and let’s get to the next to-do, shall we?

Botox: Some of us would love a little help looking refreshed for our wedding pictures. In talking to our friends in the industry, if getting a round of Botox or filler is inline with your needs, now’s a great time to make an appointment. The six-month-out mark is the perfect time for first-timers. Botox is an art and if you haven’t done it before there is benefit to a trial run, so to speak. Once you’ve done a round of it, you and your injector will know what you liked and what you didn’t about the results. If it did some things you loved, be sure to communicate that. On the other hand, if you didn’t like something it did, you should let them know. Adjustments to the injection sites and the amounts of Botox used for each area are easily altered so you get the perfect natural look you’re going for! This could be a great “date” with mom as well, many moms are also in the market for a “freshen up” before wedding photos.

Botox will last about 5 months, so about the month prior to the wedding, you can revisit and get a new dose that has all of the adjustments made, making you and your skin looking supermodel-ready for the photoshoots the day of the wedding and into your honeymoon!

Filler: If adding volume is more your thing, then filler is probably more what you’re in the market for. This treatment should last you all the way through your wedding day. If you’re looking for a little plumping in one area or another, filler is perfect for you!

No matter what you choose (or don’t choose, we know it’s not for everyone) we want you to feel confident and beautiful. You are perfect the way you are, and we want you to feel that way too! Some of us just like a little side insurance in the youthful glow department.

Ta-Ta for now, we will see you in about a week!

20 Weeks – Can you believe 20 weeks away!

Showers in the forecast, get your wellies!

Wedding Shower

We know you’ve had a lot of planning on the agenda, and we’re sure it can feel overwhelming. The good news is you’re handling it with such grace and poise that we’re convinced you’re a professional at this point. Do you know what time it is?

Shower me with love: It’s time for your wedding shower! Now it’s not really your responsibility to plan; likely you have friends, family and coworkers that have already put something together. Although they may need that list of guests that you have put together a bit ago. But it doesn’t hurt to make sure your VIPs are on the shower invite list! It’s common to have more than one shower and it’s a great way for extended family and friends to meet and get to know each other!

What’s more fun than yummy food and games with those nearest and dearest to you? You may be asked to help choose a theme or finalize a game list. No matter what, this should be a great afternoon with your loved ones and snacks. There will be snacks, right?

Showers can be hosted anywhere really; we have several venues that are the perfect size if you’re looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle of a home for your festivities. Check out to find a list of venues. Or ask your wedding planner which venue is central to your guests and perfect for meeting up!

19 Weeks – Wedding Countdown = 19 Weeks

Keep truckin’ we’re almost there!

Takeaway Treats / Favors – Misc. Equipment

Did someone just say favors? Count us in! In all reality, take a moment close to your wedding to do a run-through of what favors you’ll be sending home with your guests. It’s tradition to send home a keepsake from the wedding, a way guests can remember your special day. Always popular is a yummy sweet. Let this reflect a bit of yourself as a couple, we have seen anything from individual pies, jars of honey or personalized cookies. Imagine something that reflects your personal style, taste or the wedding theme. You can’t go wrong sending a late-night snack home with your guests though, we promise. If this is on your list of must-haves, now is the time to reserve your favors!

Now that our stomachs are growling, why don’t we head onto the next to-do for the week. Hope we can concentrate on this empty stomach.

Takeaway Treats: This next task we have for you to finalize is one that doesn’t necessarily fall into the category of being crucial to the wedding itself directly. No, the next step we have for you in planning for your nuptials is one that really turns the focus from your wedding day itself, to you and your partner as a couple. We want to encourage you to take a step back from focusing so intently on your ceremony and reception. Even though you’re doing an amazing job, and it’s all coming together splendidly. We want you to take a moment away from all of that. This is the time in your planning process that we want you to spend some very important time alone with your fiancé.

Extra Equipment: Now is a great time to visualize the entire event, discussing everything you’ll need to execute the wedding of the century. Do you need to order any extra equipment for your wedding day, including the week of your wedding?

Will you need more tables or chairs for things taking place in your (or a family member’s) home? Some order golf carts to make lugging things around easier! Lounge furniture is trending because it ensures there are places for guests to sit and chat together. Double check with caterers and bartenders that all coolers, chafing dishes, and beverage service will be provided. If not, you’ll want to add those to your list!

Don’t forget to date each other, even as you plan to marry. Go out to dinner, take in a movie, indulge in your favorite foods and activities. Spend some time at home or enjoy a night out; whatever makes you and your true love happy, do it! Spend this vital and important time in your relationship falling even more in love and remembering why you want to get married in the first place. We promise, it will only make you more excited for the big day to come. See you next week!

18 Weeks – 18 Weeks, Who’s Counting…WE ARE! – Put a ring on it!

Wedding Bands – Mail the Invites!

If we haven’t mentioned it before, that engagement ring on your finger is almost as beautiful as you and your partner are going to look on the big day! That sparkle is stunning, and we know you can’t help but gaze at it when you’re going about your daily tasks. But that sparkly circle of romantic promise on your finger isn’t the only ring that is important to your ceremony, which leads us to our next task you get to tackle: it’s time for the two of you to pick out wedding bands.

The rings: You’re already the perfect pair, so choosing the perfect set of wedding bands for you and your love should be super easy. Your rings will symbolize your unity and the vows you make to each other; your wedding bands are how you’ll profess your bond and commitment to each other to the world. That’s why it’s high time you get to go shopping!

The options are seriously endless for him and there are as many options for her. Just the choice between gold and silver is long gone. Colors, textures, the kinds of inlays (wood, meteor, dinosaur bones) there are lots of variations to choose from to make your wedding band truly unique. Also, before you go in, think about the inscription. Is there something short and sweet you want engraved in your ring?

This will be a fun step on your journey; you’ll be in good hands. From sizing to personalizing, your jeweler will make sure you have something you love and will want to wear! Work together as a team with your jeweler to find your dream rings. We’re sure you’re going to fall in love all over again as you settle on and secure your wedding rings. Goodness, we’re sure they’re going to be just dreamy!

Mail the invites: The second item on the agenda for this week is to send out those invitations you ordered a while back! You didn’t think we forgot about actually mailing them, did you? Well, we most certainly did not, and we aren’t about to let you forget either. So, grab a big roll of postage stamps and your favorite calligraphy pen and get ready to address more envelopes than you’ve ever addressed in your life. It’s time to invite your loved ones to the event of the year! Whether you choose to write your addresses out by hand like the trendy Pinterest bride (or groom) that you are, or whether you want to opt for some equally classy, albeit far simpler, premade address stamps or labels, we’re not here to tell you which way to go, but we support whatever route you take. No matter how you go about sprucing up those invitations before they go in the mail, the one thing that remains certain is that your wedding day is closing in fast, and we are certain that your prospective guests are just as eager and anxious to receive their invitation as we are! We are getting one, right? Well, even if we don’t, we’re so happy for you! and sending out those invites makes the encroaching day seem even closer than ever before, doesn’t it?

*Tip if you ask for stamps behind the counter they will have options that are love or wedding themed.

17 Weeks – Would you believe 17 weeks?

Planning for your future

Real Estate – Couples Spa Day

You’ve made it so incredibly close to your big day, and we are so excited to see these last few months of planning unfold before our eyes. We can see the passion and excitement that you’re approaching this day with, and we hope that you keep coming back for more insight and inspiration as the day of “I do” draws near. We know there’s still a lot to do, but don’t worry about the timeline or the details, we’re here for exactly that. We want you to keep doing what you’re doing and soak up as much of the remaining planning period as you possibly can. It’s your job to enjoy this phase of your life, and it’s our job to help keep you on track and as organized as possible.

New Nest!: You may be moving in together or looking at buying a home together to commemorate your new start! If you might have big changes coming (like the pitter patter of little feet) you likely are hoping to add another room to the ole bungalow. House shopping is a fun step in the life of a couple, dreaming of dinners in the dining room, morning coffee on the back porch …. No matter what you’re in the market for, this may be something you have on the horizon, and it’s time to open the conversation.

Relax: We want to remind you that your overall health and your relaxation are important to the success of this wedding. We don’t want our brides or grooms feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed. So, to battle the common sense of worry that seems to settle in amongst our soon-to-be-newlyweds at this point in the planning process, we want to inspire you to take this time to unwind and focus on you. We’re encouraging you to book a spa day! We’re not just urging you to take some time at a spa retreat to give your psyche a bit of a reset and much needed rest, but it can also be very beneficial to you come your wedding day! Take in a facial or splurge on a full body massage, we’re confident that the coveted relaxation and pampering will reflect itself in your beauty, confidence and overall peace when your time to walk down the aisle rolls around.

16 Weeks – Just 16 weeks to go!

Sharp Dressed Man


Welcome back, we’re happy to see you’ve returned for some insight into planning the last little bit of your gorgeous wedding from us. We’ve enjoyed the planning process alongside you, and can’t wait to see how these final touches come together! It’s quite exciting that we are just under four months away from the day you say, “I do”.

Menswear: OK, so this week, it’s time to figure out what the handsome groomsmen and the man of the hour are going to be wearing come the day of “I do.” We firmly believe in the age-old saying and song lyric, which claims that “every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.” We have to say that the same could be said about your wedding day! It’s important for everyone to look their best, ladies and gentlemen alike. So, the first thing to do is to select the attire for the men of the bridal party.

Whether you choose to opt for a traditional tuxedo or the casually sophisticated jeans and button-down, regardless of your dress code, now’s the time to narrow down what look the handsome groomsmen will be sporting on the big day. If you’re not sure, hop onto and hunt for some inspiration! There are loads of well-dressed men in there. Options are vast! Start by thinking about the venue, is your wedding formal or casual? Some men want to pair a suit with boots and a cowboy hat. Others want a floral pattern tie and some fun socks. No matter what your wedding style is, we know when you get dressed on your wedding day, you’ll feel like a million bucks. Just grab the guys (dads included) and make a day of it. Get measured for your perfectly fitting attire!

You can visit our website to browse different formalwear boutiques and to get a good idea of where you want to go to find the perfect wardrobe for the man you plan to marry. Just as sure as we are that you two will make a simply stunning couple, we’re sure he’ll look like a perfect 10 on the special day.

Ring bearer: Regardless of whether you want your ring bearer in matching attire for your wedding party, be sure you’ve at least talked about it with the little guy and his parents, OK?

*TIP – Think about the shoes and socks your man will be wearing. Will it have any impact on his pants choice, will it need to go over boots? Will he be wearing socks?

15 Weeks – WEEK FIFTEEN!

You should be so proud of your progress!


Let’s Get Accessorized!: We know you’re already feeling like a total 10 (we love that), so now everything we add is just frosting! This week it’s time to finish the look. Accessory time! Part of planning a wedding is taking care of even the smallest details. That includes your accessories, and after all who doesn’t enjoy a little extra sparkle for some razzle dazzle? Consider the whole look when determining your accessories.

Let’s start with jewelry, are you a necklace bride or do you prefer simple earrings? What about a glitzy belt to add to your wedding gown? Or perhaps a veil or a hair clip to adorn your beautiful wedding do? There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to ensuring you feel like a queen on your special day. So, look into what’s trending in bridal accessories, and take it into consideration. In the end, go with what makes you feel like the knockout you truly are!

There’s a long list of finishing details that can go from head to toe, once you have them all chosen and ordered, make a list so you’re set to go on wedding day. You’ll have so many things on your mind. Taking care of organization details from this point forward at any time will just make it that much easier the day of! Trust us, worst-case scenario: you’re so over prepared that all you have to do on wedding day is sip champagne, be in love and dance the night away with friends and family. Sounds pretty great, actually!

*TIP – Having your shoes in hand for your upcoming final fitting will be a must so they can ensure you have a good length of gown. You don’t want to worry about tripping!

See you next week!

14 Weeks – Wait for it…14 Weeks!

Wardrobe sprucing time!


We’re also ecstatic that you and your fiancé have made your way back to our countdown for some more helpful tips and tricks on keeping this wedding-planning train rolling. Now that you’ve picked out your wedding bands and chosen your men’s wear, we can’t wait for you to see what we have for you to start planning next. We think you’re going to be even more excited than we are about where this journey is taking you next.

Outfits: So, this week we encourage you to get clothes shopping. You’re the star of many events, and we want you to feel the part. From the rehearsal dinner to wedding weekend activities and of course, honeymoon-attire shopping, it’s time to get yourself outfitted. Some of you will be hosting a wedding weekend, encouraging an all-white-attire night for guests to attend. Others will be doing brunch with the fam or golf with the guys. Most of you will be having a rehearsal dinner or a brunch the day after. In any case, you may want to do a bit of thinking about what you’ll wear for these festivities!

Onto the honeymoon! If you are taking a trip, you’ll likely want to have some new threads to wear for your first days as newlyweds. Whether you’re going someplace tropical or a 5-star resort in the high country, packing for the honeymoon is so much fun. If you’re going to be near water, you may want a new bathing suit or two, some fun coverups and a sun hat (don’t forget sunscreen, no one wants to have a painful honeymoon sunburn). Also, if you’re going to be going out to some celebration dinners, you may want to have a nice dress or slacks to wear.

Every honeymoon is different. From glamping and hiking to a cruise, it’s the time in your countdown to make sure you have all of the right clothing to be ready for the time of your life together.

Aannnnd three more – months that is. Holy matrimony, we’re getting close!

13 Weeks – Do a little 13-week dance

It’s ‘final fit’ time; so exciting!

Lingerie – Fitting – Alterations

OK, so you’ve found the perfect attire for all the events revolving around your special day! Fantastic. We just know you’re all going to look like movie stars when it’s time to say, “I do.” We can’t wait to see you all spiffed up on such a special day.

Be it your wedding gown, the tuxes or the bridesmaids’ dresses, now’s the time to ensure that everyone’s wardrobes fit perfectly. Final fitting time!

Final Fitting: A lot can happen over the course of a year! For some of us, wedding-planning stress adds pounds; others forget to eat! Either way, it’s a great time to just slip on your wedding wear and make sure everything is still fitting like a glove. If not, no worries! That’s why we do a final fitting, so you can get the adjustments necessary and have the gown back in time for your wedding day!

While you’re doing your final fitting it’s also time to make sure you have all the undergarments you need for your wedding day as well. You need to determine if your gown requires a bra and if yes, what style will work best for your needs? Would you feel more or less comfortable with some shapewear? There are plenty of options and a fitting for it all together is really a great idea so there are no surprises the morning of your wedding. Asking for advice is really the best way to get the best mix of beauty, comfort and function, don’t be shy to just ask for advice!

We want you all to feel your very best and brightest come wedding day, so taking this time to make certain your wedding garb is perfectly tailored to your wedding party is a crucial step in ensuring the stress-free success of your big day!

*TIP – RSVPs may be starting to roll in, make sure you’re tracking them!

12 Weeks – We’ve reached a real milestone

Flowers in her hair

Flower girl and kid activities

We can hardly believe it; you’re officially getting close to your big day! Can we just say you’re doing a fantastic job of marking things off your list? This wedding is slowly starting to take shape and we’re loving everything you’re putting together so far. You’ve really got an eye for detail.

Flower girl attire: This is another fun one, likely the little flower girl(s) are excited to be a part of what seems like a fairy tale! With Pinterest at your fingertips, you have likely seen many options for flower girl looks. We can see it now, a floral halo for her curly locks? No matter what your vibe is, choosing one is this week’s task! It’s time to make sure you have all of your flower girl ducks in a row!

Entertaining the kiddos: Speaking of little ones, if you’re going to have several at your wedding you may want to consider what you will have them do during the reception. Of course, they love to dance, so that is one great activity! If they are there all day, however, consider if you’ll want to have some games they can partake in to keep them occupied so their parents will have a minute or two to join you in the photo booth!

Last but not least for this week’s to-do is to take in a little light reading. No, we’re not about to assign you homework before your wedding day, we’re not here as a teacher, we’re here as a guide! We’d like to encourage you to take these final few weeks before your wedding to browse through the blogs on for any final ideas, advice or words of wisdom you might be looking for throughout your planning process. Not only do our magazines provide plenty of creative ideas, wedding whimsy and heartfelt advice from past brides, but we also know that reading about everything that comes together during a wedding can calm your nerves, escalate your excitement and improve your enjoyment of the process. Surrounding yourself with wedding inspiration and motivation will keep you on track throughout these final months, and we can’t wait to see if anything amongst its pages spark any final creative touches that make an appearance on your big day.

Week 11 – Lucky number 11

This might be our “favor-ite” week!

Printable Favors

Hold on, we need to grab some tissues, is it getting misty in here or what? In all honesty, we’re very grateful to have been involved in your planning process thus far, and as we enter the downhill slide to the finish line (and by finish line, we mean marriage and the official start of your happily-ever-after as lawfully wedded spouses), we aren’t about to abandon you to the final planning touches! So, tune in and as always get comfy because it’s time to buckle down and finalize some more of the pertinent details of your nuptials. Ready? Us too! Let’s get started.

Printed Favors: Just like giving out wedding party gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsmen can be a heartfelt and appreciated gesture, the same is said about giving out favors to your wedding guests. The people that come to celebrate the love you two share, and who choose to spend a day relishing you with love and attention, are likely to be some of your dearest companions in life.

Friends, family and everyone in between deserve a little something special for embarking on your journey into marriage with you. There are a lot of ideas and options you can consider when it comes to wedding favors. Brides and grooms today are getting incredibly creative and inventive with what they give out. From seed sachets to miniature bottles of whiskey, there is no right or wrong gift to give your guests. You may have already ordered some macarons, cookies or other yummy treats to pass out to your loved ones (if you followed our advice). If you’re still looking for a fun favor or an addition to your already ordered yummy treats, now’s the time to order additional items to ensure shipping is timely. Printed favors whether it’s with your monogram, a wedding logo or silhouette of the couple or your wedding date can all be a fun keepsake for your attendees. There are local companies that do just that and can give you a host of ideas that fit the vibe of your wedding, your budget and your timeline.

Whatever you choose, as long as it comes from the heart, we’re confident you can’t go wrong. Your guests are sure to love and appreciate whatever you choose to give out. We know we will! Gotta go, I think the mailman just came and we’re hoping our invitation is in there today! 🙂

List making time: Not all of us pack based on a list. Some of us choose to fly by the seat of our pants and throw it in the suitcase the night before. This packing list, however, can make or break your stress level the day of the wedding. If you have a coordinator, they will likely have a lot of this under control for you, but you still have so many things to remember. Forget just one thing and you’ll see it turn into two steps back for sure. So, take our advice and jot down all the things you need to gather. Separate your personal items list from your event list. Just this one time you’ll be really glad you have a list because you’re going to be in the clouds with excitement. This will keep you grounded.

Week 10 – Is this for real? YEP! Week 10

It’s not just the destination, but the planning that’s so enchanting!

Wedding Party Gifts

Next up on the list of wedding planning to-dos is to take time to pick gifts to give your wedding party. Not only are the members of your wedding party likely your closest and dearest friends and family members, they’re also obliging your wishes by planning parties and showers. They’re standing next to you and your true love on the happiest and most exciting day of your lives. They’re sharing a momentous and joyous occasion with you front and center.

Wedding Party Gifts: A small gift to say thank you to them for their service and their commitment to your wedding and your happiness is something we strongly promote for successful weddings. Who doesn’t love giving heartfelt gifts to some of the most cherished people in your world? So, browse through Pinterest, take to the internet, or take a look at the blogs at for ideas and inspiration of what you should give out to your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Have fun with your gift-giving process, get creative, be innovative and consider your heart when choosing what to give your loved ones. Gifting the girls a piece of matching jewelry they can wear at the ceremony is a fun idea! For the guys, cufflinks or engraved flasks are great traditional gifts. Whatever you choose, including a sincere note is something that your wedding party is likely to hold near and dear to their hearts for a long time past your wedding day. Trust us, having this precious memento to remind them of you will mean more than you know.

Bride and Groom Gifts: There are also bride and groom gifts to each other. Many couples purchase a wedding day gift for their soon to be spouse. Accompanied by a note to read on the wedding day before the vows are exchanged is a lovely moment for you to have with each other so you are together in spirit as you get ready apart. Consider something special that will be meaningful and sweet. Don’t forget to have your photographer there to capture the emotion as you read your love’s words on your wedding day, these make some lovely memories.

Honeymoon excursions: You’ll want to double check your honeymoon activities lists. If you have a travel agent, they likely gave you a list of options, but if you haven’t reserved your spaces you should do that now so you are sure the “must-dos” on your agenda are locked in. Chances are you’re not the only honeymooners, and the excursions can fill up quickly if they are the popular ones or the popular times. Be the early bird!

Week 9 – Don’t freak out but we just reached single digits! Week 9

Let’s get into it!

Guest Book and Wedding Signs

Did you just have to do a double take to make sure you read the title countdown correctly? We did too. This month officially marks the eight-week countdown until your big day. You’ve come so far together, and you’ve become a true expert when it comes to all things related to wedding planning! It’s hard to believe that in less than eight weeks you’ll be walking down the aisle and marrying the love of your life.

Guest Who?!: Your guest sign in is a fun way to look back and see all of those who celebrated with you on your dream day. This tradition has come a long way over the years and practically blossoms with creativity. We’re sure you have already seen some fun Pinterest ideas for ways to make a guestbook. Some collect advice, others create a work of art for your new home together. Consult with your invitation designer for some ways to make this old tradition new, fun and perfect for your wedding style!

Now’s a great time to talk to your designer on your wedding programs, seating charts and other signage and items as well. Depending on your designer’s timeline, you probably still have a bit to figure out everything you want to have designed and printed, but it’s good to be brainstorming and communicating with them so you’re not too late to have something made!

Many amazing options are available in wedding signage from quotes, verses, last names – the list goes on and on. We love seeing these in wedding photos, it adds a touch of personality to your wedding decor and doubles as a memory when hung in your home!

Important Jobs: Who’ll be toasting to your nuptials at the reception? Getting your toast list in order is next on your “to-dos!” Not only do you need your toast list, but you’ll also want to make sure your ushers know who is giving these toasts, as well as when and where these people will be seated for their introduction. Have you chosen your witnesses for the marriage license?

*TIP – Choose a nice pen for signing the license. It’ll be a beautiful keepsake for you to commemorate that moment. Then when you use it (like to fill out all those thank-you cards), it’ll bring joy to the activity. This is guaranteed to be a busy month for you! There’s a lot to do and ever-decreasing time to do it in. Not much stands between you and your happily ever after. Remember, don’t worry about the small stuff, focus on making the most of these final weeks as fiancés and we’ll keep you organized until you make your way down the aisle.

Week 8 – 8 Weeks Away, Another Milestone!

For better or worse, but mostly better! 🙂

Pet Arrangements

Now, we know you’re marking big-ticket items off your list right and left! We’re so proud of the accomplishments you’ve made thus far in the planning process. Though you’ve made tremendous progress on some of the most important things about a wedding day, it’s time to tackle a task that’s not always something brides and grooms tend to think of in association with their big day. However, if you have furry friends living under your roof, then this task is an important one to consider.

Pet Care: We want to encourage you to take this time to make arrangements for your wedding weekend and/or honeymoon, so that you can rest easy and celebrate your newly wedded bliss without having to worry about your pets.

It’s time to consider where your pets will vacation during your festivities. Whether at a kennel, a doggie/cat hotel or with a trusted loved one, you should ensure that you have somewhere to leave your furry buddies behind so that you can ring in your marriage and get swept away on your honeymoon without any last-minute scrambling. Just having a reservation on the books will make you rest easy. Don’t forget to pencil in packing for the pets on your calendar too! It’s a task you can do ahead of time to save yourself some stress the week of the wedding!

*TIP – Don’t forget your pet’s medicines and favorite bed or blanket to remind them of home!

Gift Collection: Some gifts may start to roll in, if that’s the case you’ll want to have a place you are keeping track of who sent what. You may think you’ll remember everything, but so much is going on it’ll be easier later when you are writing out those thank-you cards. The last thing you want to do is accidentally leave out a thank-you note to someone who’s sent you a love gift!

Here we are two months away. By now you’ve locked in quite a bit of stuff. Keeping organized will certainly make the week of the wedding easier. Also don’t forget to ask for help from those around you. Your friends and family would be happy to help with errands, even more so if you give them plenty of notice. Just make sure to keep track of everything and who is doing what if you don’t have a coordinator. Sometimes we want to do everything. But a well-appointed team can save some energy for you to visit with family and friends the day of the wedding. Priceless.

Week 7 – Only. Seven. Weeks.

How fun is this wedding going to be anyway?!

Dentist Whitening – Final Timeline

Your wedding’s officially on the horizon, and we’re so very close. You’re just weeks away from making the biggest commitment of your life, and you’re making amazing progress in getting yourself and your beloved to that finish line. We know you’re excited and anxious to make it to your big day. We don’t blame you! Your wedding is already sure to be beautiful, and we can only imagine how eager you must be. As these final weeks tick by, you’re probably wondering whether you’ve done everything you’ve needed to. Please, trust us to worry about the little things for you. We want you to enjoy this final stretch; that’s what we’re here for!

Big Smiles: We can all but bet that you’re getting incredibly excited at this point. We are too! Your big day is going to be marvelous! But before we get carried away, let’s give you the next set of tasks so that we can get you to the altar right on time. There’s not much standing between us and your big day.

Hearing the word “smile” will likely be a large part of your wedding photos, and honestly, they may not even have to remind you. You’ll both likely have huge ‘wedding-day smiles’ on anyway. But if you’re like us and coffee is the only way to get you out of bed in the morning, or you love a cup of hot tea or red wine in the evening, you may be due for a whitening before your photo ops. We want your teeth to outshine that white gown of yours! Contact your dentist for a little brightening touch up before the big day. Use their advice on how far out to make your appointment so they are still sparkling white for you on your wedding morning!

Final Timeline: Sit down with your wedding planner and go through the entire day to make sure you have enough time to get it all done the way you envision. From the wake-up call to the cutting of the cake you’ll need to stay on track to ensure your food is warm, and your photographs are not in the dark! No one wants to be thrown curve balls on the day of the wedding but understand that things might not turn out exactly as you perfectly planned. Be prepared to ‘go with the flow.’ As the day progresses, just breathe. Remember why you’re there and enjoy every single moment. It will pass in the blink of an eye.

Week 6 – Did you know in 6 weeks you’ll be married? We do!

Your love letters and vows!


There’s a lot that goes into a wedding, as we’re sure you’ve already figured out. But even if you take away all the aesthetics and showstopping additions to your wedding, the fundamental element of your big day is the ceremony itself. The party will be fun. The honeymoon is even more fun. But the thing that makes a wedding what it is, what brings two people together in matrimony, is the ceremony. The vows, the officiant, the music, the exchanging of rings, everything about a wedding ceremony is symbolic and important. It can seem like a big feat to tackle planning the intricacies of your nuptials. Don’t fret, your wedding service is going to be beautiful and we’re here to help make sure that the “I dos” goes exactly as you want them to.

I Do: The next thing we want to encourage you to tackle is something that will not only melt your heart, but it will remind you of all the beautiful, romantic, swoon-worthy reasons that you wanted to get married to the love of your life in the first place. This next step is a part of becoming spouses that truly focuses on the intimacy, commitment, connection and promise that accompany saying “I do” on the big day. As you might have guessed by the subheading of this task, we think that it’s about time for you and your fiancé to settle in for a cozy night at home, pour yourselves some hot tea (or wine, no one is here to judge), and write your vows. We can’t even believe we just said those words! You’re truly so close to becoming a partner for life to someone you love! These vows are what allows you to pour out every ounce of earnest emotion, heartfelt sincerity and promise for not only your partner, but for your family and friends. Whether you opt for traditional vows or hand-written, whether you want to do them publicly or a little more privately, there’s no right way to profess your love and devotion to one another. We are just so happy for you making it to this point in the process, and we can’t wait to see you two have this special, awe-inspiring moment together as you officially begin your married lives.

*TIP – Remember to order a ring bearer pillow or ring box and flower girls accessories!

Week 5 – You guys, only 5 weeks to go!

We’re so excited!

Prepare Welcome Baskets and Wedding Programs

Can you believe we’re nearing the end of the wedding planning process? What a journey, huh? Planning a wedding is most definitely not a task designed for the faint of heart. It’s time-consuming, challenging, and can be difficult at times. We understand the ups and downs, but you’ve truly navigated the entire process with grace, poise, and such attention to detail that we couldn’t be more impressed. Your wedding is going to be lovely! Thank you so much for sharing the process with us, we hope that your wedding will be all you’ve dreamed of.

Welcome basket prep: Hosting out-of-town guests is fun but takes a lot of energy. Plan ahead by offering some DIY activities while you’re taking care of business! It’s also cute to prepare a basket with a few local treasures such as memorabilia or necessities associated with the area. Consider sunscreen for your fair-skinned friends visiting the high desert, or maybe locally made moisturizer. Of course, snacks are universal favorites.

Collecting RSVPs: We encourage you to take a moment to complete and finalize all RSVPs. If you haven’t heard from someone you invited to your wedding, now’s the time to reach out to get a definitive answer. Once you have all the RSVPs in hand, and you have a complete headcount of everyone who will be coming to your ceremony and reception, you can proceed with finalizing your seating arrangement. If this is something you’re incorporating into your ceremony and/or reception, then it’s important to make sure you have every guest appropriately placed precisely where you want them now. When the big day arrives, you can turn your attention to your future spouse and stop worrying about whether Aunt Ethel will be feuding with Aunt Gertrude during the toasts. We wouldn’t want anything drawing away from the intimacy and romance of your celebration. So, get everything related to your seating chart squared away now, there’s no time like the present after all.

Break in the shoes: It will be a long day of walking, dancing, and posing for pictures. We want you to be comfortable every step of the way. Put those shoes on your feet and wear them around the house so you and they are friends. No blisters on your wedding and honeymoon feet!

Travel funds: Did someone say honeymoon? Will you need travelers checks or alternate forms of payments where you’re going? Also, inform your bank and/or credit card companies that you’re traveling and what dates you’ll be gone so your accounts aren’t flagged for suspicious activities.

Week 4 – YES! 4 Weeks to go!

We think everything is going great!

Payments – license

Welcome back brides and grooms, we hope our music playing in the background of wedding planning central didn’t distract you! We’ve had ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe and ‘Going To The Chapel’ by The Dixie Cups rotating on a loop. Why, you may ask? Because you’re officially 4 weeks away from your wedding day!

Final Payments:

The first thing we want you to do this month is to finalize one of the more intimidating and stressful parts of planning a wedding. Money. Yeah, we completely get it if your stomach did a little flip when we said that, but don’t worry too much! You’re so close to being a married person, we just want to encourage you to finalize any and all remaining balances you might have with your vendors and merchants for the big day. If you have any costs still lingering over your nuptials, now’s the time to make those final payments. There’s no time like the present after all. and in less than 30 days, you’ll be taking on a spouse, a love to share all of your life with, so we want you to be squared away on everything! Once you’re paid in full, there’s not much left standing between you and your loved one at the end of the aisle!

Marriage License:

Now that we’re getting down to the wire when it comes to putting the finishing touches of your wedding day together, there’s a first step to take this month that is incredibly important. It’s time for you and your betrothed to make your way to the courthouse and purchase your marriage license. Not only is this a detail that simply cannot be overlooked, but it’s also one that brings a huge sense of finalization to your planning agenda. Holding a piece of paper that gives you legal permission to marry the love of your life can be exciting, as it indicates that everything is really happening, and you’re getting very close to the wedding day! Marking this task off your to-do list also generally eases a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety related to the wedding. Purchasing a marriage license is a big-ticket item for engaged couples, so being able to cross this milestone off your list this month is a big step toward building your married lives together. Don’t forget to share your selfies on Instagram too. We’re pretty sure posting you can legally get married is essentially an obligatory part of the process at this point. If you do post your lovely faces on the gram, you can count on us to double tap! We’re excited to see you one step closer to marriage.

Wedding Bands: Time to pick them up! This day is going to be amazing; we’re ready to see them in person too!

Week 3 – OMG 3 WEEKS!

Grab the ‘I DO’ Crew

Bachelor parties enjoy

OK, now that you’ve got that coveted piece of paper that gives you the license to wed, your marriage license is tucked away for safekeeping, and your vows are ready and waiting to make your guests and loved ones weep, we know you’re probably just as eager to get started on the next item on our list as we are! What are you waiting for? Grab your best friends and your wedding party and take to the town for the infamously fun and enticing bachelor/bachelorette party!

Party Time: It’s time to let your hair down and celebrate. You’ve been working your wedding-planning magic for months, so bippity, boppity, get to bachelor(ette) partying, ladies and gents! One that is a great deal more celebratory, exciting, and a little bit wilder than the more serious and sincere tasks we’ve given you thus far this month.

There are a lot of things presumably associated with and envisioned when it comes to how people perceive bachelor and bachelorette parties. The truth is, there is no one size fits all for these celebrations. The bottom line is that the bachelor and bachelorette parties are a time to celebrate your coming union with your closest companions, your friends and your family. It’s a time to cut loose, unwind and release some of the stress and tension you’ve likely been harboring throughout the planning process. However, you choose to approach your celebratory evenings, we’re sure you’ll figure out some exciting and unique ways to usher in your new, married lifestyle that is just around the corner. But, if you need any ideas of what you can do, check out our website for some inspiration. We’re always here to provide advice in any way we can, all we ask is for an invitation to your pre-wedding bash! OK, no invitation is really required. We’re just truly happy to help you get to that special milestone in your life.

Confirmations: Confirm with pretty much everyone you can possibly think of. If you have a vendor, a service or a company involved in your big day, then right now’s the time to confirm with them. Don’t wait a week before your wedding to make sure you’re on the same page as everyone else, take a moment now to call up each individual vendor and confirm with them the time, date, agreed-upon services, and all the details associated with their involvement in your wedding. Doing this will not only ease your anxiety levels, but it will make certain that things are on track to run smoothly when the big day arrives. Making certain now that everyone is coming and that they’ll be performing their duties without error or confusion is crucial to pulling off a seamless and smooth, stress-free wedding day. We want our brides and grooms happy and blissfully unaware of the well-oiled wedding machine operating behind the scenes. So, dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

Week 2 – 2 Weeks (that is really close)

Time to get pampered

Men’s hair cuts

Whew – Last week was a lot of finalizing things!

Just. Two. Weeks.

This is it! This is what you’ve been waiting for! OK, before we start tearing up like we do at every dog movie ever made (admit it, you cry at animal films too), let’s move on to the next task on the wedding-planning task list.

Groomscaping: While it is important to make sure the bride feels sublimely beautiful when it’s time to say, “I do,” it’s equally as important to ensure that the groom feels like a truly handsome gentleman as well. A wedding is about two coming together as one, so spending ample amounts of time catering to the preparations needed for both the bride and the groom is important. One area that is important to consider for the men in the wedding party is their hairstyles and grooming. Not just the groom, but also take a gander at the men in the bunch and decide how they’ll be groomed for the big day. Whether you hire out a service, or plan a men’s retreat to a high-end barber, you can do whatever feels right for your wedding party and the gentlemen therein. So, get together with your fiancé and draw up a game plan. Leave no hair unturned. We can’t wait to see the two of you all spiffed up! How can so much beauty fit into one wedding?

Pack it up: Now it’s go time. Gather ALL those lists you have been making. The ones for taking stuff to the venue, packing the pets for their trip, packing yourselves for your honeymoon: all of it. Pack it up and put it in piles ready to go. Next week will be full of running errands and meeting merchants, family and friends. Do yourself a favor and pack up what you can now so you’re ready to go.

Facial Spa Day: Two weeks before your wedding, enjoying a spa facial day can be beneficial all the way up to the big day! Schedule dermaplaning to gently scrape your skin with a blade to remove hair and dead skin. Nope, you won’t get cut and the hair won’t come back thicker, don’t worry! You’ll be left with a clear surface for applying your skin care products and for flawless makeup. Hydrafacial is another totally customizable, medical-grade process. It’s so much more than just getting your face washed and exfoliated spa-style. Hydrafacials are relaxing, but the techniques behind them are next level. A hydrafacial will extract, cleanse, detoxify and hydrate to improve skin quality, fine lines and wrinkles, pore size and hyperpigmentation – uh, yes, sign us up!

1 Week – Guess what is happening next week?!

You’re getting married. 🙂

Mani pedi and Rehearsal Dinner

It’s wedding week people! Time to get excited and get the finishing touches done when it comes to this simply stunning wedding. Only a few finishing touches stand between you and “I do.” Although you’re entering into the final week, we do want you to have a smooth transition into newlyweds. Stay tuned after the big day, we will follow up after with some tips and advice on what to do after the rings have been exchanged! But for now, let’s keep heading toward the finish line. Until then, we are toasting you in spirit. Cheers to your new adventure!

Makeup? Check. Hairstyles? Check. Formalwear? Check. You’re crushing it! You’ve done a great job so far ensuring that you’ll be dressed and adorned to the nines for your special evening. We love it! There’s one last area of beauty that needs to be addressed throughout this phase of the planning process so that you can step down that aisle feeling confident and complete. Though not all brides prioritize or feel the need to incorporate this into their ceremony preparations, we do want to tell you that if you choose to spend some time and energy on your nails for the big day, now’s the time to start thinking of such. Manicures and pedicures can make you feel beautiful and confident for your most memorable day. Not only can they make you feel gorgeous, but they also provide you some wonderful time to spend with your bridal party to bond, enjoying some time with the girls before entering into marriage. They can also be quite relaxing and can help erase some of the tension associated with planning everything. Go ahead and treat yourself with a gorgeous new set of claws. We support this decision!

Rehearsal Dinner: The last item on your final pre-wedding to-do list is to practice for your big day! Yes, we said practice. A long-standing tradition, a wedding rehearsal is a vital part of a wedding celebration. This night of practicing for the biggest day of your life and celebrating your coming nuptials with your loved ones, your rehearsal evening is a night you’ll remember, much like your wedding day itself. Rehearsing the procedure and layout of your wedding ceremony will ease your nerves, ensure a seamless celebration and give you even more time to celebrate the love you share with your future spouse. Really, who needs another excuse to celebrate love with your closest companions? We sure don’t! It’s sure to be a wonderful time together with loved ones, and we can’t wait to see how your wedding run-through goes!

Like any great love story, we’re now down to your Happily Ever After. It has been quite a journey. Just a few more days until you’re married. Remember to step back once in a while to look around. Take it all in – remember the little moments, they all add up to something grand. May you have the time of your life.

2 Days or day of – Congratulations you made it!

Sound the wedding bells, everyone, this is not a drill! You made it! Oh my goodness, if we were flexible at all we’d do a cartwheel in excitement, (but we won’t – you’re welcome).

Fasten your seat belt for the final task on this month’s list because it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Congratulations, you’ve officially completed all the wedding planning! You’re done! We truly have nothing left for you to do before your big day, so the last instructions we offer to you as this final month draws to a close is this: celebrate like you never have before and GO GET MARRIED! Put on the tuxes, lace up the gown, throw the rose petals on the walkway. It’s wedding time, people!

We are so proud of how far you’ve come, and we can’t thank you enough for entrusting us to help guide you down the road to matrimony. Now, as you go get hitched to the love of your life, we’ll be sitting in the back of the venue trying not to cry tears of joy. But honestly, we make no promises, because we are truly over the moon for you and your spouse!

The first month after marriage is a time of great love and adjustment, so we want to be there for you during that phase of this journey as well. But until then, go off and do what you’ve been waiting all this time to do! and as we watch you transition from fiancé to ever after, we will be here keeping you in line as you transition into the next phase of life (pass the tissues, we always cry at weddings)…NEWLYWEDS!


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