Lists of Duties for the Wedding Party

Lists of Duties for the Wedding Party

The wedding party is the group of people that you will work most closely with while planning our wedding. You will also need your wedding party’s assistance vastly on your wedding day to make sure that everything goes according to plan. Many couples complain that their wedding party did not do enough to help them on their big day.

Part of this may be the wedding party that you picked, but many issues with the wedding party arise because they do not know the tasks that you want them to complete before and during your wedding day. The best way to avoid this is to make a plan for your wedding party and give them a set number to tasks to help you and your spouse get down the aisle successfully. Here are some of the duties that you should assign to your wedding party.

Best Man

The best man’s first and foremost job is to make sure that the groom has all the support and help he needs before and during his wedding day. Those responsibilities include:

·      Organize and execute a bachelor party.

·      Arrange fittings for all groomsmen’s attire for the wedding day.

·      Prepare transportation for the groom.

·      Sign the wedding documents as a witness.

·      Plans toasts for the reception.

·      Watches over the brides ring on the wedding day.

·      Dispenses the cool groomsmen gifts.

Maid of Honor

The maid of honor, similar to the best man, is the go to person for the bride throughout her wedding planning. Her responsibilities include:

·      Helping bride make decisions on all wedding plans, including her dress, the color scheme and the wedding day activities.

·      Arrange fittings for the bridesmaid’s attire and plan their accessories.

·      Help bride with decorations and any other DIY wedding items.

·      Organize bachelorette party.

·      Ensure that the bride looks her best throughout the wedding day for pictures.

·      Sign the wedding documents as a witness.

·      Help organize and record gifts after the wedding.

·     Dispense the bridesmaid gifts.



The groomsmen duties are a continuation of the best man. They are there to take care of anything else that the groom needs. Their duties are:

·      Assist best man with all duties.

·      Help seat guests at the ceremony and reception.

·      Help keep unruly guests at bay.

·      Escort bridesmaids throughout the day.

·      Help clean up the wedding day decorations and other items.


Similarly, the bridesmaids are meant to do anything that the maid of honor cannot do herself. Here are some of their duties:

·     Assist maid of honor with all duties.

·     Help with the guest book.

·     Distribute wedding favors.

·     Restock and replace food, decorations and any other items during the reception.

·    Ensure that the guests are enjoying themselves throughout the day.

All of these duties may seem obvious to you and your spouse, but it is easy for your wedding party to forget or overlook them. Make sure that you spend time going over all the duties that you want your wedding party to carry out before and during your wedding day so that everything can go as smoothly as possible.

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